A Community Resource for the Study of Peace through Education, Training,
and Contemplative and Embodied Practices.

Braided Way Peace Collective, a 501(c)3 of the Flathead Valley, is a community and space where we cultivate a personal practice of internal peace, stability, and goodwill.
We offer a variety of programs of study and practice diverse
traditions and paths from around the globe.

All are welcome.


Two Rivers Aikido

Devoted to cooperation rather than competition, Aikido is an internal and relational art and movement meditation. Often translated as The Art of Peace, Aikido is an embodied wisdom practice that leads us through our inner resistances toward a peaceful stance in the world. It is a way to train the Body, Mind, and Breath, to be at peace within oneself and in relation to the world.

Fee for Services

Qi Gong

This practice provides a deep inquiry and access to integrating body alignment, movement, and breathing with traditional Chinese medical theory and Universal principles of balance, breath, and body awareness. It provides a stable ground for enhanced health and wellness of mind and body.

Thursdays 12:00 – 12:50 pm

$10 suggested donation

Swords to Plowshare

Swords to Plowshares is a self-defense and incident intervention class designed specifically for teams that provide security to local churches and other places of worship. The class is based on the principles Aikido.

2nd & 4th Tuesdays


Taming the Tigers: Stress Reduction Toolkits for Teachers & Students

Providing on-location tailor-made workshops for teachers and students, geared specifically towards building skill sets to reduce anxiety and conflict and increase calm, balance, and ease in body, mind, emotions, and social interactions.

Workshops provided by Licensed Professional Counselors from a trauma informed perspective. 

Interested in having us come to your school or classroom? 

Embodiment of Peace Matrix

The Matrix is a somatic process of self-reflection and increased awareness oriented toward more effective communication, stress reduction, and conflict resolution and reconciliation of relationship challenges. Both interoceptive and proprioceptive skills and mindfulness/awareness practices are utilized to help with clearing the mind and regulating emotions often misaligned through the impact of current or historical trauma and broken attachment.

House Calls for Business

With over 30 years of experience in team building, communication, stress reduction, and conflict reconciliation our professional facilitators will come to your place of business for a customized “tea break”: Ease the tensions of workplace stressors within the workplace itself saving time away from the tasks at hand and creating opportunities to build a more healthy workplace community.

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Donations provide scholarships for Braided Way programs, support the maintenance of the physical space, and costs of trainings.  All administrative and board positions are volunteer.

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