Qi Gong

What is Qi Gong?

Pronounced Qi = Chee Gong = gung
Qi = life force, aliveness, vital energy that flows through all things in the universe
Gong = skill cultivated through practice

Qi Gong is a way of cultivating energy, increasing vitality, and promoting and maintaining
physical and emotional health and overall well-being. ~ Lee Holden

Qi Gong is a wholistic system of self-healing exercise and meditation, an ancient, evolving practice that includes healing posture, movement, self-massage, breathing techniques, and meditation. ~ Kenneth Cohen


What do we do in a Qi Gong class?
Class structure and content is based in the study of the Five Elements, Three Treasures, and Breathwork.

Standing or sitting we move with no impact, flow, breathe, direct, store, circulate, exchange, and balance our qi. Warm up, activate, stretch, flow, postures, breathing, and meditation are typically included in all classes. Sometimes we do specific meditations, inner smile, healing sounds and color. And, we always read and listen to poetry.

No experience necessary, in fact, beginners mind can be incredibly refreshing and spacious.

What are the benefits of practicing Qi Gong?

Typically the some of the benefits of practice can be experienced within the first class. The four signs of qi (energy) flow are warmth which can be a sign of improved circulation. Weight or centered and rooted sensation, the body becomes calmer deepens into a balanced and centered posture aligned with gravity. The experience of expansiveness, joints open, back space lengthens, and heart feels spacious and open. Vibration or tingling sensation is often noticed in fingers and hands as the qi pulses and circulates through the body.

There are numerous benefits that tend to be more general in nature including but not limited to: Improved sleep patterns, more efficient breathing, increased strength, flexibility, and balance, better digestion, increased libido, and a calmer mind.

Classes are offered by Leigh Schickendantz, LCPC. Her primary teacher in the study of Qi Gong is Lee Holden. Leigh has been a licensed trauma therapist for nearly three decades. Her focus is working with trauma, grief and loss, and tending to all things messy in the daily life of being a human. Supporting people in cultivating skills to living an easeful and peaceful life makes fundamental sense to her. Leigh is also Co-DojoCho of Two Rivers Aikido and Co-Director of Two Rivers Consulting.

Braided Way Peace Collective houses both Qi Gong and Aikido and other beautiful full-bodied practices.

Weekly class: Thursday 12 – 12:50p
$10 /class suggested donation

Series class: Thursdays 5:30 – 6:30p
*These 3 week series classes have the structure of a focused theme and includes practice, handouts, and home study.

Next Series Class:

Breathe Big, Breathe Wide, Breathe Long
Fine tuning our breath for better breathing

Thursday February 2nd , 9th , & 16th 
$15/class suggested donation


Donations provide scholarships for Braided Way programs, support the maintenance of the physical space, and costs of trainings.  All administrative and board positions are volunteer.

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