Weaving the Arts of Peace
into the Fabric of Community

Braided Way Peace Collective

A community resource for the study of Peace through education, training, and contemplative and embodied practices.

Braided Way Peace Collective 501 (c)(3) is in the formative stage of its journey, having been born in the challenging year of 2020. It is formed by a broad and diverse community of people that are interested in cultivating a personal practice of internal peace, calm, and goodwill.

As a collective, we have come together to offer different paths of exploring the internal and expressive arts. Currently our programs include Aikido, fondly referred to as the Art of Peace, Embodiment of Peace Matrix training for individuals and teams, meditation, dance, visual arts, chant (song), and poetry gatherings.

Three Braids

Embodied Practices

Two Rivers Aikido

Devoted to cooperation rather than competition, Aikido is a martial art and movement meditation created in the 20th century by Morihei Ueshiba, O’Sensei. Often translated as The Art of Peace, Aikido is a martial wisdom practice that leads us through conflict and strain to a peaceful stance in the world. It is a way to train the Body, Mind, and Breath, to be at peace within oneself and in relation to the world.

Integral Chant

Bhajans and Kirtan: This gathering celebrates the sharing of traditional folk melodies of call and response and modern song interpretations of praise and gratitude. 
All are welcome. Bring a drum or other rhythm instrument and your joy of singing.


The Invigorating Fall Yoga Series will invite you into a warming yoga practice to balance the cooler, dense energy of the Autumn.

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Education & Training

Embodiment of Peace Matrix

The Matrix is a somatic process of self-reflection and increased awareness oriented toward more effective communication, stress reduction, conflict resolution, and reconciliation of relationship challenges.

Aikido in Recovery

A practice-based group specifically designed to help those struggling with substance use, abuse, and addiction. Admission to the group is by invitation after assessment by a Licensed Addictions Counselor.

Contemplative Practices

Awakened Heart Sangha

As a contemplative program of Braided Way, AHS is a meditation group. We sit each week for a time in silence. Readings and brief dialogue follow to end the hour.




Peace of Poetry

Exploring the alchemy of poetry and embodied dialogue. Our time together will be spent pursuing the subtleties of poetry in both movement and dialogue, alone and together.


Donations provide scholarships for Braided Way programs, support the maintenance of the physical space, and costs of trainings.  All administrative and board positions are volunteer.

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