Weaving the Arts of Peace
into the Fabric of THE Community

Braided Way Peace Collective

A community resource for the study of Peace through education, training, and contemplative and embodied practices.

Braided Way Peace Collective 501(c)(3) is in the formative stage of its journey, having been born in the challenging year of 2020. It is formed by a broad and diverse community of people that are interested in cultivating a personal practice of internal peace, calm, and goodwill. As a collective, we have come together to offer diverse threads in exploring what we call Unity Arts. 

Three Braids

Embodied Practices

Two Rivers Aikido

Devoted to cooperation rather than competition, Aikido is an internal and relational art and movement meditation from a martial lineage discovered in the mid-20th century by Morihei Ueshiba. Often translated as The Art of Peace, Aikido is a martial (heart) wisdom practice that leads us through our inner conflict, resistance, and strain to a peaceful stance in the world. It is a way to train the Body, Mind, and Breath, to be at peace within oneself and in relation to the world.

Qi Gong

This practice provides a deep inquiry and access to integrating body alignment,  movement, and breathing with traditional Chinese medical theory and Universal principles of balance, breath, and body awareness. It provides a stable ground for enhanced health and wellness of mind and body.

Thursdays 12:00 – 12:50pm

$10 drop in fee


The structure and flow of this breath/body/mind movement discipline within the context of the eight limbs outlined by Patanajali provides a solid and stable ground to grow in awareness of our truest nature.

By appointment.

Integral Chant

Rhythm and song expressions of Praise and Celebration of That which we have yet to fully realize and embody.

Bhakti Yoga or the Practice of devotion through Bhajan Kirtan and saved songs from various traditions.

Bring your voice and/or an instrument to this musical offering.

All faiths, practices, and seekers welcome.


Check with us for our next gathering.


Education & Training

Embodiment of Peace Matrix

The Matrix is a somatic process of self-reflection and increased awareness oriented toward more effective communication, stress reduction, and conflict resolution and reconciliation of relationship challenges. Both interoceptive and proprioceptive skills and mindfulness/awareness practices are utilized to help with clearing the mind and regulating emotions often misaligned through the impact of current or historical trauma.

House Calls for Business

With over 30 years of experience in team building, communication, stress reduction, and conflict reconciliation our professional facilitators will come to your place of business for a customized “tea break”: Ease the tensions of workplace stressors within the workplace itself saving time away from the tasks at hand and creating opportunities to build a more healthy workplace community.

Contemplative Practices

Awakened Heart Sangha

Currently on Pause.

As a contemplative program of Braided Way, AHS is a meditation group. We sit each week for a time in silence. Readings and brief dialogue follow to end the session.


Donations provide scholarships for Braided Way programs, support the maintenance of the physical space, and costs of trainings.  All administrative and board positions are volunteer.

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